Asian Games News: 13-year-old skateboarding girl Cui Chenxi becomes China’s youngest Asian Games champion

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-27-2023      Origin: Site

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This morning, in the women's street skateboarding final of the Hangzhou Asian Games, 13-year-old Cui Chenxi, the youngest player on the Chinese team at this Asian Games, won the gold medal. She also became the youngest champion in the history of China's Asian Games.


Cui Chenxi has been selected for the national team after just over 3 years of being exposed to skateboarding. This is not only talent, but also countless efforts behind it. “You have to practice even your toes. You can’t do the moves that others can do.” I have to practice.”

Injuries in skateboarding are inevitable, but when it comes to injuries, Cui Chenxi showed strength beyond her years, "It will feel hard, but after you finish practicing, the sense of accomplishment in the competition will make you feel nothing." Thanks for your hard work."


(All Pictures from News Reports, News reporter)




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