How are the roller inline skates produced?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 07-21-2023      Origin: Site

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�Do you know how inline roller skates are produced?

Today, Let's take a looking. 

We came to the injection molding workshop, sewing workshop, and assembly workshop of the COUGAR skates factory, let us have a close look at how inline roller skates are produced.

↓ First, we come to the injection molding workshop



Injection workshop

We have advanced injection molding equipment, and a strict production process: upper mold, raw material, injection molding, quality inspection, package. We ensure a good skates mold.

↓Next, Let's come to the sewing workshop



Sewing workshop

Complete sewing process.

Rich experience workers.

Complete and strict inline skates sewing process: printing, press cycle, material preparation, sewing heel, lining, sideline, toe cap, tongue, etc.

And quality inspectors check the finished skates' lining inner sleeves to ensure that the inner sleeves are of good quality and finally pack them.

↓Next, Let's come to the inline skates assembly workshop



Assembly workshop

Inline skates Mushroom buckles, buckles, and screw accessories are strictly assembled, and special quality inspectors check the inline skates accessories, brackets, wheels, etc. of the inline roller skates before packaging to ensure the quality of the inline roller skates are stable and perfect.


assembly the nailing


assembly the wheels

We are a professional manufacturer, producing inline skates, roller skates, protection gear, helmets, and any other sports products. For more production news, please contact us.




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