New Arrival / MZS319 Slalom Inline Skates

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-22-2023      Origin: Site

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【New Arrival】MZS319 Slalom Inline Skates, Experience the endless possibilities of cool skating


MZS319 模特粉色1

MZS319 children's slalom inline roller skates come in two eye-catching colors, blue and pink, highlighting children's lively nature and full passion for sports.

These inline roller skates are ingenious work specially created for club coach skating training after many improvements, adjustments, and attempts. It is designed for roller skating teenagers to be born extraordinary and never give up so that children can feel the competitive spirit and improve their skills in roller skating. Promote self-confidence and enhance physical fitness.






2.0 Comfortable inner

The inline skates' inner sleeve is comfortably thick and provides better fit and support.

The high-end design adds shoe lace holes design: which improves the freedom of the entire shoe and the inner lining is anti-wear and enhances ankle protection.

Leica toe design: extended size compatibility.

Performance training insoles:

The support bottom is reinforced to reduce your child's fatigue, allowing them to enjoy longer skating fun.

MZS319 刹车架

TPR Brake

MZS319 轮子支架

PU Wheels 85A

MZS319 鞋壳

PP hard boot shell


Whether you are a roller skating enthusiast or a roller skating expert,

As long as you love life and have the courage to advance, these MZS319 inline roller skates can meet your needs and turn ordinary life into extraordinary and brilliant.

MZS319 模特图6

Friendship & Inline skating

MZS319 模特图5

Skating With Friends

MZS319 模特图2

Beginner skating

MZS319 模特图4

Practicing inline skating

MZS319 模特图3

Slalom Skating




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