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Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 06-30-2023      Origin: Site

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Inline Speed Skating

Inline speed skates, also known as roller speed skating, are generally made of carbon fiber shells, and 4 wheels, or three wheels speed skates.

Speed skating is a sports race, in which the goal is to reach the highest possible speeds and aiming to achieve the fastest possible time.


Racing skating

Racing inline speed skating has a long or short track and the place is  either outdoor or indoor. The speed skates suit adults and kids, you can according to your need choose your skates.

Speed skates have big wheels and their chassis which are longer than the boots, which are aimed at high speed and performance.


Carbon fiber workshop


Vacuum compression

Rich speed skates industry experience and craftsman, Every process strives for excellence.
Professional team, every pair of speed skate shoes can stand the test.
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Professional R&D design team, that accepts customized service.
Make your own speed skates, hand-made, more attentive, and more guaranteed quality.
Using high-quality parts, every step is strictly operated.

speed skates

Please send an inquiry to us

let us know your need, 

and customize your own speed skates.

● Concentrated  ● Ingenuity 

● Innovation  ● Win-Win.




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